Comprehensive Cleaning Solutions for Your Home:

Delegating your cleaning chores to the professionals at Liberty Maids will free you up to enjoy some leisure time or give you time for fun projects or time to devote to working from home or spending quality time with your family

What We Offer


Regular Service

We offer weekly, every-other-week, and monthly cleaning services to our residential clients. Equipped with industry-grade products and tools, our maids are trained to complete a standard general maintenance cleaning checklist. This allows our cleaners to provide services with maximum efficiency and results.

Occasional and Hourly Service

In this option, you can provide a priority task list so we can better fulfill your specific needs. Upon receiving your checklist, we schedule a specific block of service time at the hourly service rate. Your house cleaning specialist will work on all of the tasks accomplishing as much as possible in the time slot you purchased.

General Maintenance Tasks

We provide a pre-made general maintenance cleaning checklist so you can receive comprehensive cleaning whenever you find it necessary. You can trust us to maintain every part of your house.


  1. Sink and Vanity Cleaning
  2. Chrome Fixtures and Mirrors Polishing
  3. Toilet Cleaning (Inside and Out)
  4. Shower, Floor, and Door Sanitation
  5. Tub and Splash Walls Cleaning
  6. Floor Sanitation
  7. Dusting of Lights, Sills, Shelves, and Towel Bars
  8. Trash Collection and Disposal

Kitchen and Laundry Room

  1. Cleaning of Stove Tops and Range Hood
  2. Cleaning of Microwave (Inside and Out)
  3. Polishing of Appliance Exteriors
  4. Disinfecting and Drying of Countertops
  5. Wiping Small Appliances and Accessories
  6. General Dusting (Including Chair Rungs, Windowsills, and Visible Baseboards)
  7. Scrubbing and Disinfecting Sinks
  8. Vacuuming and Mopping Floors
  9. Trash Collection and Disposal

Living and Sleeping Rooms

  1. General Dusting (Including Window Sills and Fans)
  2. Cleaning of Glass Tabletops, Formica, and Other Surfaces
  3. Dusting of Lamp Shades and Bases
  4. Cleaning Sliding Glass Doors (Inside and Out)
  5. Front Entry Door and Window Area Sanitation
  6. Vacuuming and Mopping Hard Surface Floors as Appropriate
  7. Vacuuming Accessible Carpeted Areas
  8. Vacuuming Stairs
  9. Trash Collection and Disposal

Menu Items to Choose From

Customize your regular cleaning service by adding an item for your home on an as-needed basis. Select from the following tasks:

  • Oven Cleaning (Inside)
  • Refrigerator Cleaning (Inside)
  • Change a Bed (Note: One Bed Is Included at No Extra Charge)
  • Laundry
  • Vacuum Upholstered Furniture
  • Clean Additional Bathroom or Level of the Home
  • Wash and Polish Kitchen Cabinet Doors
  • Woodwork Washing (Baseboards, Doors, Door Frames)
  • Interior Window Cleaning
  • Dust the Blinds (1” or 2”)
  • Apply Wax or Other Floor Products to the Flooring
  • Polish Granite Countertops
  • Seasonal Cleaning to existing customers
  • Turn Around House Cleaning to existing customers
  • Gift Certificates

Housekeeping Checklist

We offer menu items so that you can customize your weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly cleaning visit. Once the service is completed, our maids leave you with a list indicating the rate of each task. If you would like to request an additional service, please consult our schedule managers to know whether or not we are equipped to handle it for you. In the case that we cannot, we might be able to refer you to another provider who can.

Notes About Scheduling

Weekly and bi-weekly clients will have a standing appointment with a maid of their choice. While for monthly and occasional clients, a specific maid may be requested depending on the flexibility of the time and date of service. You will also be asked by our scheduling manager if you prefer early morning, late morning, or early afternoon. Our maids work between 8:30 AM and 4:00 PM, Monday through Friday.

Request Our Service

If you are interested in acquiring our cleaning services at Liberty Maids Inc, get in touch with one of our representatives. We’ll be glad to assist you.