About Us

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Everyone loves a clean house. Keeping your house clean takes time and energy both of which can be in short supply. Liberty Maids house cleaning service is just what you need!

Where it all began . . .
While attending Ohio State University studying to become an Home Economists in 1979-1983, I needed a part time job and secured a house cleaning position twice a week with one of my professors.
Through word of mouth the company began to grow and I began to train and hire other students to keep up with the work load!
Through those early years I was mentored and guided to organize and carry out a bona fide service business complete with bonding, insurance, recruitment and training, human resource affiliation, and all that makes a small business successful.
My husband is involved now and even though semi-retired he keeps busy searching for and interviewing those candidates who could join our Liberty Maids Team!   Sales and scheduling are my responsibility as well as developing on-going training.  Melissa, our “Dispatcher” keeps us all in line and organized and on time.
Many of our employees have been with us for years.  They are the secret to our success and the secret to yours also!
Liberty Maids looks forward to being part of your family’s home management team!

Best regards,
Rebecca Betts