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What if I need to cancel because of vacation or sickness:?
Twenty-four hour notice is requested.

Is there a cancellation fee?
Yes there is a $35 cancelation fee if twenty-four hour notice is not given.


Do I sign a contract to secure service with Liberty Maids?
Liberty Maids does not require customers to sign an on-going service contract. It is expected that communication and transactions will be conducted in a respectful and businesslike manner.


Does Liberty Maids supply the equipment and supplies?
Liberty Maids supplies all equipment and safe cleaning rpoducts to accomplish the cleaning tasks in your home.

What if I want Liberty Maids to use my vacuum cleaners?
If your vacuum cleaner is in good working order and not too heavy, we can use your vacuum cleaner. This is left up to the maid since she needs to be comfortable with the equipment she uses to successfully carry out the cleaning tasks.

If I have special products to use, can the maid use them?
Please be sure the maid has instructions to use the product. Some waxes and polishes take extra time and you will be charged accordingly Some special product application may actually be a “Menu Item” and you can call and have that added to your work order..

Free in-home consultation:

What is the purpose of the in-home consultation?
It is very helpful to meet you and see your home so that a fair price estimate can be given. It also helps the scheduler to assign a maid with the skills and experience and perhaps even personality to carry out your house cleaning tasks.


What kind of service quarantee does Liberty Maids offer?
Liberty Maids strives for quality service. Clients should report problems or concerns promptly (within 24 hours) for resolution. Liberty Maids will come and re-clean designated areas indicated.

Hours of Operation

What hours is Liberty Maids available?
Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 4:30 pm (No weekends or evenings)


What type of insurance does Liberty Maids carry?
Typically homeowner policies do not cover situations regarding property damage or injury in your home when it involves a paid service/person. Liberty Maids has current certificates of insurance for liability, (Nationwide Insurance), bonding, (Western Surety), and Workers Compensation (State of Ohio).


Is Liberty Maids a licensed company?
Liberty Maids has a Service Vendor’s License with the State of Ohio. No other license is requred for house cleaners carrying out general house cleaning tasks.


What professional organizations is Liberty Maids a part of?
Liberty Maids is a member of the OSU Almuni Association, fhe Farm Bureau, National Federation of Independent Businesses, and the Better Business Bureau of the Miami Valley.

Payment for Service:

How do I pay for my service?
You can pay by check, cash or VISA or Master Card at the time of the service. All payment is due on the day the service is scheduled.


How does scheduling work?
Liberty Maids offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly or occasional cleaning visits. Weekly and bi-weekly clients receive priority consideration and other appointments are scheduled around these “standing” appointments as time and personnel allows.
Will I have the same maid?
Yes, you will be assigned to a specific maid and be on her “route”. If she is sick or has time off you can expect to have a sub to keep you on schedule.

Can I request a different maid?
Yes you can. You may need to adjust your schedule to a different day to accomodate the change.


May I tip my maid?
A cash tip is always a great plus for your house cleaner! You may also tip in the check or add it to your charge card. Liberty Maids provides a personal service and it is appropriate to tip if you are able or so inclined and the service meets or exceeds your expectations.

What is an appropriate tip?
Ten to fifteen percent is customary.
Am I expected to tip?
No, each customer has their personal habits and preferences so that is left up to the customer.